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Member of Parliament visit

Member of Parliament visit

Posted on 29/08/2018

On the 23rd August, St Georges was visited by Trudy Harrison, the Conservative MP for our area.  Trudys visit was part of the NHS big birthday and believed that the care industry needed to be thanked for all its input with regards to the health and well-being of the elderly.

While Trudy was here she talked to the Proprietor, Fred Bilsland about what the main issues are in the Care Sector, they chatted at great length and Trudy promises to feed all the information back to her counterparts.

Fred gave her a guided tour of St Georges and she was very impressed, we also discussed other facilities we offer at St Georges and she was interested to learn about our ‘Pop-up Restaurant nights’ and our Christmas Party with the residents, she also spoke with one of our residents who explained he plays Father Christmas each year!

Ms Harrison has insisted that we send her an invitation to the Christmas party this year, as she would love to attend.

Overall Ms Harrison seemed impressed by the environment, staff and atmosphere here at St Georges. Well……..who wouldn’t be!?