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Summer Fete

Summer Fete

Posted on 09/08/2017

St Georges is renowned for being a relaxed beautiful home displaying the highest standard of care and this is thanks to the residents and staff sharing similar good times together. Everyone knows each other as both residents and staff belong to Millom, some are neighbours, some school friends and some even family. The residents stay in touch with the town when friends and children call to share their lives and stories.

Our Summer festival started at 2pm and continued all afternoon, many prizes were won and sandwiches and strawberry teas were served. The fun was non stop, sticks of rock were won by sticking the tail on the beach donkey and the staff played beach ball with everyone who could participate.

St Georges Care Home is home to over thirty residents and they were all asked to find the photograph that brings back their happiest memories of summer, we saw some lovely. happy photographs and reminisced.

The ‘Summer 47’ festival is just one of the many ways St Georges try to boost the residents activity budget, thank you to everyone who came along, we hope you had fun for the one day in day in Summer ’47.